Design and Technology


ASW Head of Design Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell, Head of Design

The ASW Design Center is the latest development on campus that reflects our school’s commitment to forward thinking and supporting students with a diverse set of abilities, interests, and learning styles. The purpose-built space includes collaborative work stations, high tech manufacturing tools, traditional workshop space, and is stocked with all kinds of materials that remove limits on what students are able to create.

Students are trained to use state of the art equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, programmable robots and Arduino microcontrollers. The type of learning happening in the Design Center is radically different than what you find in a traditional classroom environment. With the focus on problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, students are given design challenges that develop collaboration skills, innovation and persistence.

One of the goals of the Design Center is to encourage cross-curricular learning. Many of the creations in the center have underpinnings in science, math and art. Students are encouraged to explore concepts they are working on in other classes and watch them come alive through the design and manufacture of tangible products. We are beginning to connect design projects to ASW’s Service Learning initiatives, giving students the opportunity to understand how their designs can positively influence the local community.


ASW’s vision for digital learning is that technology is ubiquitous, seamless and embedded in teaching and learning.

We are preparing our students to be lifelong learners and to thrive in a dynamic global society. The integration of technology enables our students to communicate and collaborate, develop skills to critically seek and learn new information, and to create knowledge through the use of media-rich projects. In addition, we guide our students as they learn to effectively manage technology and become contributing digital citizens.

Students use an array of tech tools and resources. In early elementary our students are 1:1 with iPads in grades 1 and 2. Students in grades 3-12 are part of our 1:1 laptop program using assigned MacBook Airs, where students in grade 5 and up are permitted to take them home.

Technology Coaches support teachers and students in their learning across all grade levels.