At ASW, technology empowers our students to be lifelong learners, who thrive in a dynamic global society.

Integrated Technology

Through the age-appropriate integration of technology in our school, students can learn, create and share. They develop skills to critically analyze and learn new information; they grow their own knowledge through the making of media-rich projects; they collaborate and communicate their ideas to a wider audience.

At each grade level, learning needs are addressed through technology, as well as consideration for how it might enrich learning experiences. In addition, we guide our students as they learn to effectively manage technology use and make choices to develop safe habits and a healthy digital life.

We are pleased to offer students access to learning devices, wireless access to the Internet, and an array of technology resources to support and enrich student learning. 

The school provides a digital device for each student;

  • Pre-K to Grade 2 use iPads.

  • Grade 3-5 students use MacBook Air laptops, which remain at school.

  • Grade 6-12 students use MacBook Air laptops, which they take home.

Each classroom is equipped with state of the art data projectors and speakers. The school has extensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campus.

an ASW student works on coding a project