Learning Support

We create a culture of learning that supports students with a diverse set of abilities and interests.

ASW welcomes students with a wide range of learning abilities and interests. We strive to set the highest standards of learning for each student at his or her own stage of development, within the context of the school’s curriculum. The goal is to assist students in reaching their highest potential academically, socially and emotionally.

The ES Learning Support Center

Who is Learning Support for?

Understanding that all students learn, grow and develop in different ways, the Learning Support Department provides support services for struggling learners and students with identified mild to moderate learning needs. At ASW, we are committed to improving our ability to support students with learning differences. While we do not have a gifted and talented program, ASW teachers differentiate in the classroom in order to provide students with the right level of challenge. By carefully managing our enrollment, we strive to maintain balanced classes and protect student-teacher ratios in order to provide rich and rewarding learning experiences.

Students who require an intense level of learning support or a special education program are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if ASW has the programs and resources in place to serve their needs.

We are currently not able to meet the needs of students with significant emotional, behavioural or physical needs.


Parents of students with identified learning needs are invited to submit an application form. For more details please read the Admissions FAQs.

Students currently enrolled at ASW can also enter into the Learning Support Process at any time. As students work through the Learning Support Process, recommendations will be made which may include short term intervention, in-class support, evaluation and/or formal learning support services.

We have limited space for students in the Learning Support Department. Some Learning Support Services have supplemental tuition charges; please refer to the Fees section under Other Fees for details.

Please note that the cost of individual tutoring, testing or support services referred to external service providers is the responsibility of the parents. Full disclosure and cooperation is required throughout the process of admissions, placement and service delivery.

Supporting Our Students

We believe that all students learn best when they are educated with typically developing peers, thus nurturing an atmosphere of tolerance and empathy. Our goal is to support learners effectively through differentiated instruction, accommodations and consultation. When students require more than differentiated instruction to be successful, they may receive additional aid by one of the professionals in the Learning Support Department. This level of support may fall in the range of short term interventions, monitor, mild or moderate ongoing support, and in specific cases, intense or special education.