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Understanding Stress through Computer Games
Psychiatrist Justyna Holka-Pokorsta talking about depression to Upper School ASW students

This year’s collaboration between ASW and the Warsaw Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology was resumed in a new formula. By the end of the last semester, Seniors from the IB Psychology class visited Third Psychiatry Department on the premises of the Institute. Students attended there a conference chaired by Justyna Holka-Pokorska, M.D., who, among many other initiatives, runs a public awareness campaign for students and teachers "Nie bój się psychiatry/ Don’t be Afraid of a Psychiatrist".

The speakers at the conference were physicians undergoing their residential trainings in psychiatry. An introduction to bipolar disorder was presented by Dr. Mikołaj Achremczyk; Dr. Paulina Żurawska lectured about anxiety disorders and Dr. Daria Czajkowska instructed the students on various manifestations of psychotic disorder. The visit was quite an experience for the Seniors. Warriors News Paper run a story about the visit.

Przemyslaw Duchniewicz M.D. runs a workshop on Stress and Anxiety for the ASW Upper School students.

In the mid-January, the students involved in the Abnormal Psychology class who did not visit IPiN earlier, had the opportunity to welcome Justyna Holka-Pokorska, M.D. and Przemyslaw Duchniewicz M.D., and listen to their  presentations that involved lots of interaction and learning through doing. Justyna Holka-Pokorska, M.D. talked about the symptoms of depression, the subjective experience of depression, the aetiology of depression, diagnosis and treatment. She touched shortly upon the most popular myths on depression, anxiety disorders and stressed the importance of asking for help when a person finds him or herself in distress.

Przemyslaw Duchniewicz M.D. runs a workshop on Stress and Anxiety for the ASW Upper School students 2

In his presentation, Przemyslaw Duchniewicz, M.D. focussed on the understanding of the symptoms and the sources of stress. He talked about the important facts about stress and how it impacts humans, he mentioned the difference between the eustress and distress. He also offered hints on how can one recognise that one is stressed and tips and strategies on how one can adapt to stress.

The story of Senua - a computer game character - written by Prof Pau Fletcher

Interestingly, Mr. Duchniewicz explained what stress is also by shortly touching upon the psychological profile Senua, a fictional character from a computer game created by the psychiatrist Dr. Paul Fletcher. Computer games designed by educators and mental health physicians have been used for some time in therapeutic and educational settings.


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