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The New Wave of The ASW Documentalists

The seventh graders attending TVASW class explore some of the jobs, responsibilities, and tasks that must be accomplished to create a professional video production. They do it in a unit called Video Storytelling Techniques and Tools. To be more precise, they study about the tools and techniques of the video-makers, as well as learn about and make compositional and aesthetic choices. They also acquire knowledge about the visual narrative and video production script.

ASW students working on a documentary about animal shelters in poland

This autumn, the TVASW class decided to document various activities happening here at ASW. Some of the topics they have chosen are service learning activities. After interviewing the school’s Service Learning team, one of the students, Matthew, decided to make a video to raise awareness about animal shelters in Poland.  As part of his project, he came up with an initiative to organise a class trip to one of the shelters that ASW is working with.

The 7th grade TV ASW class actually visited the facility on Monday, November 5th. The students learned about the shelter and the situation of abandoned animals in Poland.  They were surprised to see many animals that they did not expect to see there, like goats and pigs. As it turned out, these animals were taken away from abusive owners. Currently these animals are waiting to be moved to other host farms. The students were introduced to the animal adoption process, from the moment when a person interested in adopting a dog or a cat initiates the adoption procedure to the moment when they can finally take the animal from the shelter.

The students filmed their trip and are creating an educational  documentary. Their hope is that the video will make people reflect on the abandoned animals’ issues and encourage to adopt animals rather than buy them.

The video will be broadcast on ASW's Livestream channel - a platform for students to put in practice their what they learn in class.

Stay tuned and wait for Matthew’s  documentary!


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