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Thank You for The Compost!

Dear teachers, students, parents, cafeteria stuff, and all the school personnel involved in the composting program, we would like to thank you for all your soil-creation effort!

Composting material from the ASW cafeteria

You might be interested to know that last year ASW's composters processed some two and a half tonnes (!) of organic waste. Most of it came from the cafeteria - some 2000 kilos and bigger donations from the garden service (leaves and grass clippings).


During the school year, the ASW composters produced over three hundred kilograms of compost. It is difficult to tell what was the exact amount because as soon as the compost was ready, the students used it for propagating the school's pot plants (read more about it here and here), faculty members both from the elementary and upper schools often asked and received sifted compost for various planting activities. The beneficiaries are numerous. Even ASW Director Mr. Zurfluh’s office received a big Golden Pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) repotted in a soil mixture that contained a few kilos of the ASW-produces compost! Finally, lots of it went into the ASW-garden beds, due to the fact that the soil quality needs to be improved, in order to produce better crops!

The plant in the principal's room lives in a soil with ASW produced composed

This year, predictably, the amount of organic waste that will be provided by the new cafeteria company - Solivoda - will at least double. The amount of grass-clippings and leaves quadrupled, due to the fact that the composting system was in place this year and the collecting of the organic waste begun as soon as the school year started.


Thank you! We encourage you to contribute with more organic, decomposable matter for the composters because we need it!


Follow this link for a good description of what can and cannot be thrown into the compost.


There are composters located in the Elementary School Garden, there is one between the middle and upper school buildings and there are some near the back fence. There are smaller containers in the Middle School Office and the Upper School's Teacher's lounge.


Thank you very much!


The members of the Garden’s Guardians Club.


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