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Indoor Pot planting at ASW

Dear Teachers, how are your classroom plants thriving? Do you have plants that you feel have overgrown their pots and possibly need to be repotted or propagated? Or, perhaps, you think your plants might need additional soil or some other kinds of attention.   Please bring them to our health spa in the Elementary Alcove near to the entrance of the Elementary garden. Please mark them with your name. Our plant therapy will be taking place in the alcove on Mondays and Fridays from 10 AM to 1 PM. Students from several elementary classes under the supervision of their green thumbed ‘gardening’ teachers will have set up their temporary Plant Health Spa for your plants!

This year, elementary students have the chance to continue their gardening sessions through the winter by repotting and propagating crowded indoor plants. They will also be refilling pots which need more soil for more healthy plants.  Don’t worry about having to bring additional pots as the students received a big donation of black pots of various sizes from the garden department. It may interest you to know that the students use soil of their own production which is a mixture of compost and common soil.

Recently, among other endeavours, our Plant Health Spa personnel took care of some 100 white bean seedlings from the High School Science class which were initially used for an experiment on soil quality. Many of the bean seedlings have been recovered and now are working hard to absorb CO2 and are growing well. The students also have already the experience of working with ferns, sansevierias, aloes, spider plants and they even repotted a big ficus elastica robusta for the Upper School Teacher’s lounge. However, some of the plants that were propagated are still waiting for new owners.  So if you are a teacher who may be looking for plants for your classroom, you are more than welcome to come over to the alcove and pick up a plant for your classroom.

Our indoor Plant Health Spa is going to be active until the beginning of March.


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