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Combating Smog with Soil
Fourth-graders dumping compost into the composter that they build themselves.

The Elementary School Garden has been getting very popular recently. All the elementary grades enjoy spending educational time in the isle of greenery in autumn and in the immaculate snow in the winter.

This year’s fourth graders, however, have a very special role to play in the quality of the garden’s soil.

They’ve been working on a composting project that began over a year ago.

Last year Ms. Dunevant’s third grade class took action by choosing to join a HS service club that was focused on composting organic waste. The students begun picking up cafeteria compostable leftovers, putting it into composters, mixing up the existing compost, covering the compost with dry grass, sifting the older compost, removing plastic and other non-degradable objects that still find their way into the compost and putting them in the appropriately marked recycled bins; refiling the garden beds as well as many other garden-related matters. The composting project carried over with the group of students as they moved up to Grade 4.

This year the new cafeteria company - Solivoda - is producing much more organic waste. Sometimes there are up to four containers to be picked up daily! ASW composting is a fairly complex procedure and it involves picking up containers from three different locations along the way.

The fourth graders are doing a wonderful job!

In addition, our learners are directly contributing to cleaner air. Microorganisms living in active compost absorb toxins and chemicals that are found in smog. Please read more about it by following this link and most importantly - keep composting!

Fourth-graders dumping compost into the composter that they build themselves 1

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