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Welcome to the Middle School at ASW

HS Principal Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, MS Principal


Middle School at the American School of Warsaw spans grades 6, 7 and 8. It is an exciting time in the lives of the students, a time when each and every individual will experience incredible intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

With an eye toward preparing students for the rigors of high school, our faculty and support personnel endeavor to meet the educational needs of our middle school students in every possible way. Through the well-articulated curriculum within the IB Middle Years Programme framework, a diverse activities program, and other exciting learning experiences like the grade-level field trips each fall, students are challenged, encouraged, and inspired each and every day.

The ASW Middle School is organized on a grade level team learning concept. Faculty members work with teaching colleagues at their grade level to plan both curricular and extracurricular activities. In addition, students at each grade level are assigned an advisor who works to support the child's overall growth during the school year. A sense of community and belonging within a larger organization is the desired outcome.

ASW MS Vice President Bart Kryger

Bart Kryger, MS Vice Principal

Our ultimate goal is that students will leave Middle School as critical thinkers, independent and lifelong learners, strong communicators, healthy risk takers, and thoughtful, caring global citizens. As we work toward the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Middle Years Program, the school is as vibrant a place as it has ever been. Why not arrange a visit and see for yourself!

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Language Arts

Language arts classes develop students’ skills as readers, writers, presenters, listeners, and critical thinkers through the study of various genres and texts. By examining texts from a variety of cultures and perspectives, students not only gain academic skills, but also multicultural awareness of how ideas and literature shape our global community. In collaboration with their peers, students will analyze complex concepts and pose a variety of questions to develop deeper understanding across all disciplines.

Social Studies

Social studies courses focus on ancient world civilizations, contemporary world cultures and United States history. Geography is integrated throughout the social studies program. Current events are a focal point of study because it provides a relevant context for understanding the social sciences. The social studies program is primarily thematic. Poland and its unique history and culture are featured at all levels.


In all grades, the program is designed to refine computational skills within the real number system, while extending their application into probability, graphing, data analysis, and statistics; to expand understanding of variables and their uses; and to study the geometry of two and three dimensions. Calculator fluency and problem solving are stressed throughout the program. Frequent use of hands-on activities and projects connect mathematical strands and connect mathematics to other disciplines.


Students study several disciplines, including physics, chemistry, earth science and biology and a study of the interrelationships among science, technology and society. Thus through an inquiry approach, these courses give students an understanding of both the concepts of science and their applications to the everyday environment.

Physical Education

The Middle School Physical Education program is a year round requirement for all students in grades 6, 7 and 8 that is aligned with the SHAPE America standards. We offer a balanced course that provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program that consists of skill development followed by lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies that correspond with the different sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities. The students will also have opportunities to become involved in life-long physical activities through concept based units which intern lead them to be physically literate. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.

Language Classes

Students are provided several opportunities for developing skills in second or third languages. Each student is enrolled in a language class appropriate to his or her skill level, or is provided support through English as a Second Language. At present, we offer classes in German, Polish, French and Spanish. We also offer continuing language classes for native speakers in Dutch, Polish, and Swedish.

Elective Classes

The MS offers a range of elective classes, including Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Music, Rock Band, Theatre, and Design Technology. Students take elective classes for a semester, with the exception of Band and some Choir classes.


Counselling in the MS is aimed at supporting the social, emotional and academic well-being of all students. The Counselor works with families to find the right classes for students, to acclimate to the school environment, to help problem-solve any issues that can come up during these exciting but sometimes turbulent years. Students meet with the counselor individually or in groups when they have personal, academic, emotional or social difficulties to work through. The counselor also meets with the teachers, the learning support team and administration on a weekly basis, to maintain ongoing communication regarding students or situations of concern. The counselling program is rooted in the positive psychology approach - looking to students’ strengths when building strategies and interventions. ASW Middle School students all take the VIA Institute’s strength survey and meet with the counselor over the course of the year to discuss their personal strengths and how these can be utilised for personal and academic success.


In MS, all students participate in Team Time, which takes place 3 times a week, with a grade level teacher and a small group of students. We use the IB Learner Profile traits to guide Team Time activities. Team Time offers students time to reflect on their approaches to learning, to learn about issues affecting the school and the world around us, and to develop positive relationships with teachers and students.

Program of Studies

In the Upper School Program of Studies you will find:

  • descriptions of subjects offered in grades 6-12
  • ASW graduation requirements
  • explanation of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes at ASW
  • course offerings current to this year
  • a description of the support services offered

Download the Program of Studies

Upper School Handbook 2018-2019

To print the Upper School handbook please download the pdf version.

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