With an eye toward preparing students for the rigors of high school, our faculty and support personnel endeavor to meet the educational needs of our middle school students in every possible way.

Through the well-articulated curriculum within the IB Middle Years Programme framework, a diverse activities program, and other exciting learning experiences, students are challenged, encouraged, and inspired each and every day.

The ASW Middle School is organized on a grade level team learning concept. Faculty members work with teaching colleagues at their grade level to plan both curricular and extracurricular activities. In addition, students at each grade level are assigned an advisor who works to support the child's overall growth during the school year. A sense of community and belonging within a larger organization is the desired outcome.

Our ultimate goal is that students will leave Middle School as critical thinkers, independent and lifelong learners, strong communicators, healthy risk takers, and thoughtful, caring global citizens. 

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan

Upper School Principal


Academic Program

The MYP is a student-centered, conceptual program that puts students in the role of active learners. Students engage with 8 different subject areas : Mathematics, Sciences, English & Literature, PE & Health, Individuals and Societies, Design, Arts and Language Acquisition. 

This inquiry-based program encourages students to take action in their learning, looking for the connection between subject areas, and developing approaches to learning skills that will cary them throughout their lives. All subjects focus on skills in communications, research, thinking, self management, and social competence.

Middle school students participate in a small-group advisory program, which supports their social and emotional needs throughout the school year. We mentor each child and help them to cultivate their talents and interests in ways that lead them becoming flexible, internationally -minded critical thinkers.

In the Upper School Program of Studies  you will find:

  • descriptions of subjects offered in grades 6-12
  • ASW graduation requirements
  • explanation of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes at ASW
  • course offerings current to this year
  • a description of the support services offered

Middle School design class


MYP Design challenges all students to apply practical and creative thinking to solve design problems; encourages students to explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts; and raises students’ awareness of their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action.

In MYP Design courses, students are actively involved in, and focus on, the whole design process rather than on the final product/solution. MYP Design courses enable students to develop not only practical skills but also strategies for creative and critical thinking.

Design Center

Extracurricular Programs

ASW Students are able to participate in a wide variety of athletic, cultural and service-oriented activities. ASW is a full member of regional sport and cultural associations including the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) as well as the Sports Council of International Schools (SCIS). The three seasons of sports include teams for soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, tennis, track & field, and cross country. Students may also participate in activities including MS Drama Production, Band, Choir, Speech & Debate, Model United Nations, Robotics, Student Council, and many more.

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At the American School of Warsaw we believe that art is integral to a well-rounded education.

In addition to performing and visial art classes, we offer students many opportunities to contribute outside the classroom. Students may participate in extracurricular theatrical productions, concert band performances, rock concerts, art exhibitions, and community events.

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Counseling in the MS is aimed at supporting the social, emotional and academic well-being of all students. The Counselor works with families to find the right classes for students, to acclimate to the school environment, to help problem-solve any issues that can come up during these exciting but sometimes turbulent years.

Students meet with the counselor individually or in groups when they have personal, academic, emotional or social difficulties to work through. The counselor also meets with the teachers, the learning support team and administration on a weekly basis, to maintain ongoing communication regarding students or situations of concern.

The counseling program is rooted in the positive psychology approach - looking to students’ strengths when building strategies and interventions. ASW Middle School students all take the VIA Institute’s strength survey and meet with the counselor over the course of the year to discuss their personal strengths and how these can be utilized for personal and academic success.