Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School at the American School of Warsaw. 

Middle School at the American School of Warsaw spans grades 6, 7 and 8.

It is an exciting time in the lives of the students, a time when each and every individual will experience incredible intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

With an eye toward preparing students for the rigors of high school, our faculty and support personnel endeavor to meet the educational needs of our middle school students in every possible way. Through the well-articulated curriculum within the IB Middle Years Programme framework, a diverse activities program, and other exciting learning experiences like the grade-level field trips each fall, students are challenged, encouraged, and inspired each and every day.

The ASW Middle School is organized on a grade level team learning concept. Faculty members work with teaching colleagues at their grade level to plan both curricular and extracurricular activities. In addition, students at each grade level are assigned an advisor who works to support the child's overall growth during the school year. A sense of community and belonging within a larger organization is the desired outcome.

Our ultimate goal is that students will leave Middle School as critical thinkers, independent and lifelong learners, strong communicators, healthy risk takers, and thoughtful, caring global citizens. 

What do our students say?

Guillermo, Grade 8 

"The most important thing that I have learned at ASW is to be 'internationally friendly' and respect everyone's beliefs no matter where they are from."

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Jason, Grade 8

"The opportunities for travelling give you the drive to get your work done so that you can have fun with your friends on trips."

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Alexandra, Grade 8

"Whether it's an extracurricular activity or an academic project, I have learned to just jump in and trust that I will land."

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Julia, Grade 8

"I really appreciate how the teachers care about the student’s learning and well-being because it creates a really positive and successful learning environment." 

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