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The counseling department provides assistance for students in all aspects of their school careers including academic guidance, social and emotional support, wellness education, and university planning. In order to meet the diverse needs of our international community we provide a wide range of general information meetings, student seminars, university visits and fairs, as well as personal consultations.

The four elements of school counseling at ASW:

Academic Guidance

ASW counselors provide academic guidance through individual meetings, classroom information sessions, community information sessions, and school newsletters. Pertinent topics include course selection, study skills, graduation requirements and the IB program.

Social and Emotional Support

ASW counselors have training and experience in helping students who are struggling with social and emotional issues. We work confidentially with students in identifying strategies to deal with a variety of issues affecting their personal lives and interactions with fellow students. All students are encouraged to see a counselor if they need someone to talk to in a supportive, trusting, and private setting.

Career Advising

ASW students explore their career interests and aptitudes in a variety of ways including in-class lessons and career-profiler surveys. The emphasis is on helping students find ways to explore their interests while at the same time learning about the career potential connected to those interests.

University Planning

University Planning at ASW is designed to enable students to prepare high-quality applications to the universities of their choice. This is achieved by helping students understand the university application process well before grade 12 and by providing structure and support during the application process.

Students in grades 9 and 10 have in class lessons on the elements of university applications around the world, enabling them to understand ways in which they will be evaluated by institutions of higher learning.

Students in grades 11 and 12, through a Counseling Seminar program, have time to do guided research on careers, universities, and application requirements.

A wide range of topics are covered in these lessons including the connection between university majors and salaries, how to make sense of university rankings, how to evaluate a university program in the absence of rankings, the importance of a professional Internet presence, and many other timely and pertinent topics.

Testing - SAT, ACT and PSAT

ASW is an open testing site for the SAT and the ACT. ASW students are also able to take PSAT in grades 10 and 11. The PSAT is optional for grade 10 students and mandatory for all students in grade 11. Students in grade 12 will sit their IB exams here on campus. Non-ASW students must register for the SAT and ACT through the applicable online portals (external sites).

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