Elementary School

When children enter the Elementary grades at ages 5-11, they are ready to learn how to learn but at ASW we make sure that learning is matched by a commitment to play and an investigation of the world outside the classroom.

Our elementary students are:

  • Inquirers. Children want to know things and we give them tools (and the time) to find those things out.
  • Inventors. They will make things, try things and take care of things because doing so helps them learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • Mathematicians. Solving problems, and exploring real-world mathematical concepts.
  • English speakers. Learning to read, write and speak in English.
  • Mindful. They learn how to “be” who they are. Mindfulness is taught and put into practice.
  • Community builders. Our students learn how to relate to others and how to build friendships.


Early Years

By learning through play and inquiry, the Primary Years Program (PYP) meets each child at their own level. Focused on international mindedness and connecting knowledge and understanding across subjects, PYP engages the young learner in a way that never forgets that learning should be fun.

They’re only children once - ASW’s PYP will ensure they make the most of it.

Designed for children aged 3 to 11, the PYP is divided into the Early Years (Pre-K and K), and the Elementary School (grades 1-5). At ASW, each program focuses on enabling each child to excel both in the classroom and in the world around them.

In the PYP, students learn through a transdisciplinary approach. All students inquire into local and global issues framed by six themes: language, social studies, mathematics, science, arts and personal, social and physical education are integrated units of inquiry which allow students to understand that everything they learn is connected.

Our Early Years program offers every child the chance to discover the skills they will need to set out on their unique learning journey.

Children in the Early Years program will:

  • learn to ‘be’ with others in our learning community
  • have the space to wonder and discover the world through play
  • share their ideas and undertake learning adventures
  • grow as communicators


We truly believe that visiting ASW during a school day and watching our staff work with students will help you to better understand the special learning community we enjoy!

Take a look at our blog Peeking Inside the PYP as well as our guide to the PYP to learn more about life at our school.


ASW’s Elementary School Counseling Center is staffed by two full time counselors. Our comprehensive counseling program includes:


It is our goal to ensure that each new student has a smooth transition to ASW. Welcoming new students and their parents, providing them with an orientation of our Elementary School, and supporting each student’s adjustment to his/her new environment comprise the foundation that we build upon to make certain that each student succeeds socially and academically.

Classroom guidance lessons

Our comprehensive guidance program focuses on activities and lessons that are consistent with identified student needs. Our curriculum is based upon the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) model and includes lessons in the domains of academic, social, and career awareness. The counselors are in the classrooms on a regular basis and are available for supplemental lessons.

Small group counseling

A variety of small group counseling activities occur throughout the year which focus on issues that include academic and social development. These may be include New Student Group, Friendship Group, and Goodbye Group among others.

Individual counseling

Our counselors provide an environment that is conducive to students communicating freely and openly with them. Within this environment we strive to know each student as an individual providing them with the tools to overcome academic challenges, maintain a positive self-image, and utilize problem solving strategies.

Teacher and parent consultation

Collaborating with teachers and parents in a unified approach to find the most effective methods to help each child reach his/her academic potential is the cornerstone of our program. Always operating with the best interest of the student in mind, we work together to help each child achieve academic and social success.

Parent presentations and workshops

Parent presentations and workshops are given on a wide array of educational issues designed to help parents become familiar with special topics of interest, and our programs and services, all with the aim of better serving each child and strengthening the bond between home and school.


ASW has a large number of books available to parents and students that address topics such as parenting, school and social difficulties, and growing up. Books are available in the ES Counseling office.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are trained and qualified in the field of study they are assigned to teach. Over 90% of our teachers have earned a Master's degree. In addition to assigned teachers, each classroom includes the support of a Teaching Assistant. The educational background of our Teaching Assistants is exceptional as well, with all having earned at least a Bachelor's degree and nearly all having received Masters degree distinction. Learn more about our faculty here.

Ms Aubri Barnes

PYP ES Teacher Lower Grades
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Elementary School Handbook

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