Design at ASW introduces students to new ways to approach and solve problems. We use the design process to better understand the complexities of problems, conduct relevant academic research, generate a wide range of creative design possibilities, create functional finished products and test solutions. 

Design at ASW challenges students to think and learn in a different way.

The ASW Design Center has dedicated workshop space for woodworking, textiles, graphic design robotics, high manufacturing, and computer programming. Students use industry standard tools and applications that enable them to create complex and fully functional finished products. 

A student learns how to use a mitre saw in the ASW Design Center
A student uses a sewing machine in the ASW Design Center
A student practices using a table saw in the ASW Design Center
Students show their designs in the ASW Design Center
Students work on a machine in the ASW Design Center
ASW Maker Faire

Students participate in making a fun LED display at ASW's School Maker Faire in the ES gym.

Rocket testing

Students test their air-powered, 3D-printed rockets on the ASW running track.

Robotics Club at a CEESA Robotics tournament

Elementary students connect design to their core class units and make their learning come alive. Middle School students work independently or in design teams to solve design challenges that enable them to develop design based skills in technical drawing, 3D modelling, circuitry, app design, workshop tools, processes, microcontrollers and programming. High School students get full access to all of the resources of the Design Center and are able to follow their passions. They are tasked to find problems within their community, inspire others and design products that can solve global challenges. 

Every student will find their own way through the design program. Their experiences will be shaped by the projects they choose and the tools and technology needed for their customized solutions. Our team of expert designers are ready to assist and advise students on their journey. 

A portion of our robotics course curriculum is supported with RoboDK - industry-standard software that gives students the ability to virtually design robotic stations for simulated product processing and packaging with actual industrial robots. Visit RoboDK's website for more information.

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