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Encouraging students to unlock their athletic and competitive potential helps them to prepare for success in life. Our comprehensive sports program is designed to stimulate and develop the interests of every participant.

Student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports throughout the entire academic year. They are encouraged to acquire and develop athletic skills, practice teamwork, learn discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship, and most of all - have fun.

Elementary School students at ASW have many exciting sports-related opportunities during physical education classes. These include, swimming, eye-hand coordination, ball skills, invasion games and more.

In Middle School and High School we participate in a number of associations. ASW competes in the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) and the Sports Council for International Schools (SCIS).

Links to tournament schedules and live streaming of games can be found on the CEESA and SCIS websites.

Our program in Middle School and High School is divided into fall, winter, and spring seasons.


Beyond athletics, ASW offers a wide variety of extracurricular program options for all students.

Most programs are run after the formal school day, with some activities and clubs meeting before school, weekends or during special periods during the day.

The majority of our activities are supervised by ASW staff and do not involve any extra fees. There are a few activities offered by outside providers, which involve a separate activity fee.

Many of the Middle School and High School programs include trips to tournaments, festivals or events in Poland or other European destinations.

School-associated clubs

As well as the school sponsored activities, there are also a number of school-associated clubs that are run by external vendors - click here to see the current offering.





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