Active music-making begins at the elementary level through two 40 minute lessons per week. Via the Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk approaches, children are encouraged to sing, speak, play and explore movement in order to perform, improvise and compose music.

At the 5th grade learners are introduced to instrumental and ensemble collaboration. Performers may select from flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone and baritone. Students are encouraged to spend 15 minutes each night on their instruments so that they can practice and reinforce what is learned in the classroom. Music is taught for 40 minutes twice a week.

By 6th grade, inspiring musicians have a spectrum of endeavors to choose from: Choir, school band, and rock band.

9-12th graders continue the experience through choir, concert band, rock band performance, guitar and rhythm ensemble. Here, our young aspiring musicians get many opportunities to explore theory, practice and performance for faculty, the student body, parents and the community.