Student Support

The American School of Warsaw strives to set the highest standards of learning for each student at his or her own stage of development and within the context of the school's curriculum. Understanding that all students learn, grow, and develop in different ways, the support teachers provide services to students with suspected and identified mild to moderate learning needs.

We create a culture of learning that supports students with a diverse set of abilities and interests.

Support for students

Learning Support

We believe that all students learn best when they are educated with typically developing peers, thus nurturing an atmosphere of tolerance and empathy. Our goal is to support learners through differentiated instruction in the mainstream classroom, accommodations and consultation.  We work closely with classroom teachers to plan for the right level of challenge for every student, from struggling students to those who require enrichment and extension opportunities. 

When students require more than differentiated instruction to be successful, they may receive additional support by one of the professionals in the Learning Support Department.  Our learning support team includes learning support teachers, learning support assistants, a speech-language pathologist (elementary only) and counsellors.  Students may be supported in the classroom, in small groups or individually.  The level of support ranges from short term interventions to mild or moderate ongoing support. 

Speech Language Therapy

The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) (also called Speech-Language Teacher or Therapist - SLT) has specific knowledge and expertise  in supporting the development of communication skills.  The SLP works closely with classroom teachers, learning support teachers, counsellors and parents to identify, evaluate and treat speech, language and communication difficulties and disorders.  Through support to develop skills and strategies in the following areas, SLPs help students to communicate to the best of their ability:

Speech - articulation of sounds and words, speaking fluently (stuttering)

Language - understanding language and following directions; expressing language (learning and retrieving vocabulary, organizing ideas to speak in complete, grammatical sentences, auditory memory for words, understanding written language; reading, spelling and writing abilities.

Social Communication - understanding and using non-verbal language such as gestures, facial expressions, eye contact), communicating in social situations and following the unspoken rules of interactions (turn-taking, asking for clarification, reading partner’s reactions and responding appropriately, cognitive communication

Voice quality and resonance - voice quality such as hoarse, breathy

Oral Motor - strength of muscles for speaking and eating

Health Services

Our Health Center is staffed by three nurses and is open daily from 8:00–17:30 . 

School nursing is a specialized and professional practice that advances the well-being and academic success of students and supports staff and faculty in areas related to health and wellness.

Should you have any health-related questions, feel free to contact us by phone at +48 22 702 8537 or at

Highly Able Learners

ASW provides many opportunities for students' interests, strengths and talents to be identified, recognized and developed through our academic, activities and athletics programs. Support is flexible, challenging, and responsive to different pathways for developing talent and exploring personal interests.

Within the curriculum, approaches to teaching and learning ensure that learning is enriching and challenging. Learning through inquiry allows students to pursue topics of interest and learn at an appropriate pace, depth and complexity. Building conceptual understanding within each subject equips students with the complex thinking skills needed to make deep connections between what they are learning, their personal experience and local and global contexts.

The development of approaches to learning skills support self advocacy, confidence, self-awareness and the independence necessary for academic and future success. 


Elementary School

ASW’s Elementary School Counseling Center is staffed by two full time counselors who cover orientation, classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, individual counseling, teacher and parent consultation, parent presentations and workshops. The Counseling Center also has a large collection of books available to parents and students that address topics such as parenting, school and social difficulties, and growing up.

Middle School

Counselling in the MS is aimed at supporting the social, emotional and academic well-being of all students. The Counselor works with families to find the right classes for students, to acclimate to the school environment, to help problem-solve any issues that can come up during these exciting but sometimes turbulent years.

High School

The counseling program in High School deals with careers advising, university planning, as well as academic and social and emotional support.

EAL teacher Mr. Skjold with a student in the Upper School EAL classroom.

English as Additional Language

Did you know that over 70% of our student population do not identify English as their dominant language?

We welcome beginning English language learners from pre-kindergarten to grade 9 and have support in place to ensure that all English language learners are able to access the curriculum. 

EAL learners from pre-kindergarten to graduation are supported to develop and refine communication skills for social and academic contexts. They are supported by a qualified team of EAL specialists, classroom teachers and co-teaching models.

EAL learners may be enrolled in a stand-alone class working on English language proficiency or in-class support to help bridge the gap between language understanding and accessing class content. The EAL specialist works as an advocate for English language learners, both working one-on-one to explain language and concepts and with classroom teachers to raise awareness for accessing all learners linguistically in the classroom.

University & Careers Counseling

ASW counselors provide academic guidance through individual meetings, classroom information sessions, community information sessions, and school newsletters. Pertinent topics include course selection, study skills, graduation requirements and the IB program.

University Planning at ASW is designed to enable students to prepare high-quality applications to the universities of their choice. This is achieved by helping students understand the university application process well before grade 12 and by providing structure and support during the application process. Learn more