Virtual Learning

ASW's Virtual Learning program ensures continuity of learning through robust and meaningful experiences in the event of campus closure. 

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What does virtual / hybrid learning look like?

Students in the hybrid classroom

Students in physical school interact with a classmate who is learning in hybrid mode.

Prek4 Zoom

Students in Pre-K 4 present their art works during a virtual session.

A virtual field trip at ASW

Students in the elementary school take a virtual trip to the zoo while in Virtual Learning mode.

ASW students use an online app to submit videos.

Students use an online app to add their thoughts about an inquiry question through video.

Ms Merritt in her home classroom

Mrs. Merritt leads a virtual class for elementary school students.

Virtual learning at ASW

Ms. Swanson leads a virtual science class for middle school students.

A teacher works with students in high school

Grade 11 students in physical class are joined by a classmate, who is hybrid mode.

ASW Pre-K teachers leading a virtual lesson.

ASW Pre-K teachers leading a virtual lesson.