How are we keeping students safe on campus?

We have employed a methodology, based on expert advice and in line with government guidelines, called 'Stop, Protect, React'. This is a series of protective measures that are aimed at keeping our students and staff safe while allowing us to focus primarily on creating the best possible learning experiences for our students. This methodology works only with the collaboration of all of our community members under our core value of 'working together, because without us all we're nothing'.  Download a full statement about our response to COVID-19 or scroll down to read more.

An ASW student getting a COVID-19 test in school

What do our parents say?

"We'd like to express our strong support for the school's decision to stay open for on-site learning notwithstanding the decision of the Polish government to close state schools. ASW has shown impressive leadership in putting in place prudent and proportionate Covid risk mitigation measures. We have confidence in those measures. ASW fixed the roof while the sun was shining - however dimly the sun may be said to shine during these times. Now is the time to let ASW students benefit from the investment, not least of time and careful planning, in fixing the roof.

Though our daughter is at an early stage of her education, in Pre-K3, there is no doubt that interaction in person with her peers and the ASW faculty and staff, using the school's on-site facilities, is highly beneficial to her development.

We wholeheartedly support the continuation of on-site learning and ask you to pass on our gratitude to the ASW faculty and staff for enabling this to be possible."

"In my opinion, ASW has developed an excellent prevention system that makes children, teachers and parents feel safe in these difficult times. As parents, we are grateful to the school board and to the principals for having procedures in place, which are being followed, that protect us against coronavirus as much as possible. The real risks are never underestimated in this school." 

"Considering that the pandemic is not over yet and the situation is still very uncertain almost everywhere, personally as a parent, I was really very scared to let my girls come back to school after the lockdown. 

Fortunately ASW is managing the situation in the best way, taking all necessary measures to keep our community safe. They tested all the students and staff before starting the school year and they are continuing to test them at least once per week. This approach for me is the best to guarantee the safety of our students and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 inside the school. I'm very thankful to ASW for these measures." 

"We believe that the preventative nature of ASW's COVID-19 policy has been invaluable. It is also clear that ASW responded in a tailored manner to positive test results to date and has been adjusting the protocols as circumstances warrant.

Being able to attend ASW in person has been of particular importance for our daughter who is new to ASW. We hope that the protocols that are in place will allow for live classes to continue even if COVID cases increase in the future.

ASW has been a dream-come-true for our daughter who is a dual US-Poland citizen and attended a Polish elementary school - she absolutely loves it."

How to enter school safely?

Watch this video for an overview of our health protocols.