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Welcome from PTO President

PTO President 2020-21 Maria Daifoti and family

Welcome parents! My name is Maria Daifoti and I am the current President of the PTO. I come from Athens, Greece. I am married to Nick and we have two daughters in ASW, Nino in 3rd grade and Zoe in 7th grade. Together with our dog Whiskey we arrived in Warsaw in 2018 and since then I have been an active member of our school’s community. I have a background in journalism and international relations and I was working for 12 years as a reporter of foreign news in a big TV station in Athens.

Besides my PTO commitment, I enjoy my yoga and Pilates classes, my passion for painting, jewelry making and dancing. What I have loved about Warsaw, since day one, is the opportunity to take long walks and bike in the beautiful parks of the city. This the best time for me to clear my head and recharge my batteries - I totally recommend it!

Even though I am Greek I consider myself an international citizen and what I have enjoyed most during this time of expat life is getting to know people from all over the world. The more I engage in the international community the more I realize that we have more things in common than differences. We share the same feelings and the same worries, but we express them in a different way. As you can imagine, I do it in my “big fat Greek" way!

I have lived in Italy, England and Bulgaria and have always been grateful for the great gift of international friendships. Maybe this year, you won’t have the opportunity to see me laughing loud with my friends in the cafeteria but I will be communicating with you via eNotes once a week and I will be only a Zoom away for our PTO coffee mornings, for simple chatting and for making sure that our parents' community will stay strong during this period of uncertainty.

Volunteering for me is a blessing and I feel that this world will only get better if we stay united! Because as Pink Floyd once sang, 'Together we stand, divided we fall'! My life moto is 'use your dreams to make your reality'! So this year, we will dream together to achieve a much better reality! And there is no better way than volunteering for our PTO!

Welcome to our school!


PTO Board 2021-2022

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