Welcome to the American School of Warsaw's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We are privileged to have immensely dedicated parent volunteers, who help to bring together faculty, staff and families to enhance our children’s educational experience.


Welcome message from the PTO President

Dear American School of Warsaw Families,

My name is Elena Pellizzari and I am the President of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) for 2018-19.

Our family is from Italy. We have been living in Warsaw for many years after several different postings for work in Europe and Asia. All three of our children attended the ASW; two have already graduated and are now studying in Italy and Spain, and our youngest is in the 11th grade.

Our children have been very happy at this school and we, as parents, have been involved with the school in various capacities over the years - from volunteering on the board to being grade representatives. I believe that parents play an important role in the life of the school. By creating a vibrant community around the school, we enrich the lives of our children beyond the classroom. The ASW is home to many different nationalities and cultures and we all can learn from each other.

The aim of the PTO is to provide a crucial link between the the teaching faculty, the administrative staff, the parents and the students. This is made possible by organizing different events throughout the year. The PTO is a volunteer organization, and we encourage all of you to participate.

Our meetings will be monthly coffee mornings held in the MPR at the school. These meetings are to share ideas and to learn more about each others’ cultures, be it Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Chinese New Year or Italian Carnevale. Please check the school calendar for details.

Every week, you will get e-Notes from the school and please look for the PTO's section at the end of the email. I am at the school most mornings if you need to talk to me or you can reach me via email (

We also post regular updates, photos and reminders on our Facebook page - please feel free to 'like' us.

Whether you are new to the school and to Warsaw or have been resident for some time, we are here to welcome you and to offer you different avenues to make the most of your time here. We are open to new ideas for events or activities. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Elena Pellizzari, PTO President

Meet the PTO Board

Liz Bata, Vice President

Hello! I am Liz Bata hailing from the USA. I have been in Warsaw nearly 3 years now. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts - where we relocated from - although I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I was an interior designer before I had my children, and now I am a full- time domestic engineer. I reside here with my husband Pete, daughter Taylor (11th grade), son Sam (8th grade) and my Golden Retriever, Cooper. This is our first time living abroad and we enjoy traveling every chance we get.

Lucia Kryger, Treasurer

My name is Lucia Kryger. My husband and I both work at ASW, and we also have two children who will be attending the 1st and the 3rd grade. This is our second year in Poland and the first relocation overseas as a family. Last year, when we were newbies, I found the PTO very helpful in connecting me with other parents and various resources. This year I would like to continue giving back by serving as a treasurer and hope to help other new-coming families as well.

Marin Berket, Elementary School Representative

I am married to Mariyana, and we have two kids, Nikola (2nd Grade) and Laura (Pre-K 4). I'm originally from Croatia, but I have spent most of my life in Austria. I went to college in the US. My family moved to Warsaw in 2017 due to my wife's job with the European Union. If you see somebody ducking to get through the doors at school, it's probably me!

Johanna Raunig, Middle School Representative

My name is Johanna Raunig and I was born in Vienna, Austria. I am a landscape architect. Within the last years I found my passion for crafting, especially sewing, which consumes a lot of my time. Due to the work of my husband Markus, we have been travelling already for some years. We enjoyed Belgrade, Istanbul, Riga and Vienna before moving to Warsaw 5 years ago. Our 2 boys are currently in 9th grade and 6th grade. Elsa our dog makes the family complete.

Sophie Duverdier, High School Representative

I have three daughters, Vicky is in grade 10 and my two others have already graduated from ASW (in 2015 & 2017) and are at university (Canada and Spain). My husband and I are French but, we have lived around the world for 18 years (and lived in 6 countries) so now we feel very much international. With all of our travels, we have kept our accent! So, if you hear a French accent at school, it can be me!!

Anna Hutten-Czapska, Store Manager Warrior Ware-House

I am Polish, born and raised in Warsaw. If you need a local connection I’m probably the right person to talk to. I spent some time in Japan (work) and US (MBA). I have three kids at school: Stanisław (grade 8), Natalia (grade 7) and Helena (grade 5) and my oldest daughter is a doctor in Exeter, UK. Professionally, I deal with real estate rentals, investment and management. At school, I am responsible for the PTO Store, so I will be the person nagging you about volunteering for the shop shifts. I love reading and hiking.


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