The eyes of the whole world are focused on Ukraine now, but the Ukrainian refugees are going to need our help for many weeks to come; even when the Russian invasion is finally brought to a halt, and peace brought to the region. As the needs will continue to grow and change over the course of the crisis, please know we are committed to help see this through; standing side by side until our support is no longer needed.

That's the logic behind starting a RallyUp campaign and collecting money that would provide us with additional funds to sustain these operations for the weeks and months ahead. The money will not only facilitate getting the right amount of much needed resources, but also will serve as a long-lasting financial reserve that we will be using to pay for food, gas, transportation and support as needed. We have forms that will allow you to participate locally, or donate from this website.  Please join our efforts. 

DONATe money

Polish Office for Foreigners (Urząd do Spraw Cudzoziemców), ASW's partner organization since 2008, facilitates our connections with refugees at the Hrebenne border to get directly to the people who need our help.

How can I help?

If you wish to help in other ways, please fill out the "Personal & Professional Resources Survey" below and/or check the list of items that are most needed at the time. We update the list regularly. 

 Personal & Professional resources survey WHAT ITEMS ARE STILL NEEDED

If you wish to donate money to the Ukrainian organizations recommended by the Pechersk School Internation Kyiv, please follow this link:

Stand With Ukraine

I'm already helping and I need support

POCKET GUIDE for hosting families  

Use the form above to tell us about your needs, and we will do our best to get you in contact with those who can help you.

Important information

Інформація для громадян України / INFORMATION FOR UKRAINIAN CITIZENSHumanitarian Assistance

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Service Learning in Action!

#ASWforUkraine is by far the biggest project in our Service Learning program. The ASW community has stepped forward and made things happen, preparing meals, housing refugees, making donations and sending food and necessities to those who need them the most.

Watch the video and see for yourself!