From History Teacher to 'Wycinanki' Artist

ASW recently welcomed retired teacher Ms. Susan Throckmorton back to school to lead a workshop about 'wycinanki' or Polish paper cutting art in the grade 6 Design class.

Ms. Throckmorton adopted this intricate and beautiful art form after retiring from teaching in 2000. Her work has been published in many publications and she has even released several of her own children's books including titles like The Humply Rumply Beast: Poems and Papercuts and They’ll be Back: A Papercutting Story. In 2007 she was acknowledged an “International Distinguished Paper-Cutting Arts Master” in China. 

During the two 1-hour workshops, Ms. Throckmorton worked with students to produce their own paper-cut designs. Watch a video to see what they produced.

an ASW grade 6 design student learns about paper cutting


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