Building a Solar Vehicle

My name is Weronika Nowak and I am currently double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. NC State is a known leader when it comes to innovative energy technology. Likewise, the Research Triangle Park ("RTP") has adopted the title of "the Silicon Valley for Renewable Energy." As a primary research institution in RTP, NC State plays a fundamental role in developing renewable energy innovation technologies. The university provides its students with multiple opportunities to become involved in the community, either through student organizations, research, university organized events and many more.

The SolarPack team

The one thing that really sets apart NC State from other universities is the slogan, "Think and Do". NC State students tackle some of the world's toughest problems and it takes more than just great ideals to solve these issues, it takes hard work and practical solutions. Our generation is encouraged to put all these great ideas and the skills we gain in the classroom together and apply them to create real world solutions.

As such, I became involved in a student run non-profit called SolarPack. As North Carolina State's first solar vehicle non-profit, our purpose is to develop a sustainable, energy-efficient commercial solar vehicle and its supporting technologies by driving the innovation needed for the societal shift to renewable energy in the global market (find out how support SolarPack here).

Throughout our journey, SolarPack aims to educate the community about solar vehicles and sustainability by consistently engaging in conversation and social events. The team also plans to educate younger students and inspire them to take on their own sustainable projects and achieve great things by organizing outreach to local schools. A big part of engaging the others is not only to educate people about the project and generate support for a better future but also to give back to community that made projects like this possible.

Photo credit: North Carolina State University

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