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Returning Home After 40 Years

A group of alumni who attended ASW between 1975-1978 returned to the school recently while celebrating their 40-year reunion in Warsaw.

The former students came back to Poland from their home countries of Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and the U.S.

The group included members of the editorial team who created the first ever ASW yearbook in 1977. During the visit, the group had the chance to browse the only copy of the yearbook still in ASW's possession.

A group of Alumni with their former teacher

The group was also fortunate enough to be reunited with the only remaining teacher from that period, Mrs. Marcie Putowskie, who still works occasionally at the school as a substitute teacher. The alumni remembered her as 'Mrs. K'.

Commenting on the visit on the ASW Alumni Facebook Group, former student Loredana Soro said: 'thank you ASW for taking care of us, and thank you 'Mrs K' for being still there, it was one of the strongest emotions of my life.'

In 1978 ASW was located in Sadyba, another district of Warsaw. At that time it served a much smaller student-body and taught up to the 8th grade. The school relocated to a new, purpose built campus in 2001 and teaches pre-K to IB Diploma level. It celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013.

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