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Collage of photos from ASW history

It is our hope that everyone who spends time at ASW takes their experience, and their connections, with them through life. 

In order to help our alumni stay connected, we have set up ASW Alumni.

This portal, exclusive to ASW alumni, gives users access to a directory of other ASW alumni, as well as to post photos, updates, network with other professionals, and even offering mentoring to other alumni. We invite all former ASW students, parents and staff to sign up and start connecting today! 

Other Ways to Stay Connected

Visit the campus

Why not re-live memories in the place they happened? The ASW Alumni Card gives you access to campus and facilities - gym, track, pool - during community hours (usually before and after school). Contact the alumni team to inquire about the alumni card or to register a visit.

Annual reunion

ASW also holds an annual reunion, traditionally held in December to coincide with seasonal travel - stay in touch to find out about the next one. Dates will be posted to ASW Alumni.

Give back

Alumni have continued to be a part of school life by speaking at Careers Days, giving presentations about your University choices.. Offering mentoring or an internship in your place of work is another way to give back to the community - you can do all of these by registering on the ASW Alumni portal. You can also contact us with your ideas - we would love to hear from you!

Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories takes a longer look at what ASW alumni around the world are doing. Got a story? Please send submissions to

Life at Oxford

ASW graduates Amy and Sneha visited the school recently to give a presentation about their university.

Lucas James and ASW alumni

In this interview, ASW graduate Lucas James takes a look back at his time at ASW and reflects on the programs and experiences that impacted him the most.