Who are ASW alumni?

The ASW alumni community is made up of much more than students who graduated from the school. It includes ALL former students, parents, faculty and staff.  "We are all alumni!"

How can alumni stay in touch?

Our mission is that ASW students make friendships that last a lifetime and with our exclusive alumni network, it has never been easier to stay in touch, share memories and grow together.  Parents and staff are also invited to join the network and offer mentoring or take part in professional networking. We have launched a new-look site for Fall 2021 called Warriors Connect. Sign up today! NOTE: If you previously joined the ASW alumni portal, you will still need to re-register your details for security purposes. 

Join Warriors Connect TODAY!

The new site features all the functionality that you are familiar with, but with a refreshed look and additional tools that we hope will provide an improved experience and add value for our users:

And launching later this year:

  • An online store for purchasing ASW merchandise
  • Share knowledge through our resource page
  • Apply for an alumni card on the site

How can alumni give back?

Alumni have continued to be a part of ASW community life in a number of ways - visiting school and giving talks, sharing their stories of professional growth with current students, participating in events at school.  ASW alumni can give back to the school in various ways:

Can alumni come on campus?

The Alumni Card gives you access to campus and facilities - gym, track, pool - during community hours (before and after school). Contact the alumni team to get an alumni card or to register a visit.


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