American School of Warsaw is your home away from home.

Our community members - students, parents, faculty and staff - come from all over the world and play an active role in the life of the school.


We understand that living in a global community often means living away from the typical support structure of caring relatives and familiar comforts. ASW helps each new member of its community make a home in Poland, and to continue their association with us once they move on.

It is our students, parents, faculty, and alumni - connected through a world of learning - that make American School of Warsaw one of the friendliest—and best connected international schools in Europe.

Find out how to get involved in ASW's active Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO) or look up former classmates through our alumni organisation

What I've learned from being in this school is that the more you get involved, the more you get out of it. I'm having the best year I've had at this school because I know lots more people and because of that I've been doing more. I'm feeling very involved.

Ms. Crinis (Former Drama Teacher)


I like the openness of the community. I like its diversity. I welcome everyday the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. But most of all, I truly appreciate the fact that my children get to experience all of this, while benefitting from a solid academic program.

Pietro Gerosa (ASW Parent)