Learning at American School of Warsaw is enhanced and supported by our thriving international community of students, parents, faculty and staff.

Every day we embrace our diversity both inside and outside the classroom. One day in particular embodies our value of 'making the world our classroom' - United Nations Day. On this day, ASW families come together to share and delight in each others unique cultures - watch the video below to see highlights from UN Day.

UN Day is one of many community events that our active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) organizes throughout the year.  
Parents can also participate in a range of activities organized by members of the community including:
Community sports: Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball
Community hours in the swimming pool and weight room
Polish and English classes
Culture Trip Club 
Sunday Fundays
Combined with opportunities to take part in school governance, and attend school athletic and arts events, parents at ASW enjoy ample opportunities to form connections within the community, get involved in school life and enhance the educational experience of their children. 
When it is time to move on, ASW alumni are invited to join the school's social networking site and stay connected with classmates and network with other alumni. Once a Warrior, always a Warrior!

It is our students, parents, faculty, and alumni - connected through a world of learning - that make the American School of Warsaw one of the friendliest - and best connected - international schools in Europe.

"I like the openness of the community. I like its diversity. I welcome everyday the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. But most of all, I truly appreciate the fact that my children get to experience all of this, while benefitting from a solid academic program."

Pietro Gerosa (former ASW Parent)

"The more you get involved, the more you get out of (this school). I'm having the best year I've had at this school because I know lots more people and because of that I've been doing more. I'm feeling very involved."

Ms. Crinis (former Drama Teacher)