Visual Arts

The MYP (Middle Years Programme) Visual Arts courses in grades 6 to 10 engage students as artists through the exploration of studio habits, artistic thinking and the creative process.

Students investigate a range of media through both structured and spontaneous activities, participate in the evaluation process, and have the opportunity to display their work in a variety of ways. Art making, artistic analysis, and art history will be woven into each unit.

ASW DP Visual Arts student works on a painting

The DP (Diploma Programme) Visual Arts program for grades 11 and 12 is a rigorous two-year course that enables students to discover, develop and enjoy a means of creative visual expression suited to their temperament and capabilities. Students engage in critical and contextual investigations that explore artworks, objects, and artefacts from differing cultural contexts. They document their experimentation and exploration of a variety of visual arts media in order to reflect upon their art-making practice in a way that is meaningful and propels their artistic growth.

The two-year course culminates with the IB Visual Arts Showcase where each senior curates an exhibit in order to present a selection of resolved artworks that address their individual themes.

IB DP Visual Art Exhibition 2023