Elementary School

Joyful music-making begins with our youngest learners at the elementary level using the Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk approaches. Children sing, chant, play and dance when performing, improvising and creating music. Their exploratory music experiences incorporate varied traditions of music not limited to classical, jazz, children’s and multicultural world music. In addition to playing Orff xylophones, percussion and rhythm percussion instruments, students have opportunities to learn to play recorder, guitar and band instruments. 

High School

In grades 9-12, students can continue to develop their confidence, experience joy, and broaden their understanding of the world as a singer or instrumentalist in the Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, or Choir.  We also offer an extra-curricular Choir Club for pop singing. Rock musicians (experienced or aspiring!) as well as string and wind players, continue to have opportunities for various level ensemble participation in before and after-school clubs.  

Grades 9 and 10 students can also take a full-year Guitar class which teaches notation, chordal, scale, picking, strumming basics, giving students the lifelong skills to take their enjoyment of guitar wherever life leads them - from the campfire to the stage! 

ASW elementary students in music class

Middle School

In Middle School, students are given a variety of curricular musical options, including Choir, Band, and Rock Band. Players and singers who wish to challenge themselves can audition for the CEESA Band, Choir, or String festivals.  ASW is also a member school of the Association for Music in International Schools, and our singers regularly attend the prestigious AMIS music festivals, which draw auditioned student musicians from across the globe.  For string players, we offer various level extra-curricular opportunities for violin, viola, cello, and string bass players to participate in after-school clubs.