Dance class is available to students in grades 6 to 10, as part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). MYP Dance focuses on teaching students how to express themselves creatively through movement. Students discover their voice as dancers by experiencing different dance genres and styles, and making connections between dance and other subject areas. Dance units are inquiry based providing students with opportunities to research and investigate their interests in dance including research about genres, dancers, and choreographers. 

Dance students engage in all aspects of the creative process including devising, refining, and presenting dance. As part of the Process Journal, students analyze and reflect on the choices they made throughout the creative process. 

Through Dance at ASW, students develop 21st Century Skills including problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, social, kinesthetic, and reflective skills and embody the IB Learner Profile traits of being Open-Minded, Reflective, Risk-takers. Students leave Dance with an appreciation for dance as an art form and means of creative expression.