Tuition & Application Fees 2018/19

Grade level

Registration fee
Annual Tuition






PLN 28,200





PLN 36,500

Grades 1 - 5




PLN 49,500

Grades 6 - 8




PLN 51,500

Grades 9 - 10




PLN 54,500

Grades 11-12




PLN 56,000


Tuition includes: textbooks, everyday class supplies, field trips (including Middle & High School trips), most after school activities, IB program fees, and mild learning support. Lunches and daily transportation are not included. Students attending only one semester during the school year pay 50% of the Annual Tuition.


Payment is required in the currency quoted (All payers must remit in BOTH USD and PLN).


Application Fee

A non-refundable Application Fee of $750 covers the processing of an application. Applications will not be processed until the Application Fee has been received. Payment of the Application Fee does not guarantee admission.

The Application Fee will be charged for any student re-applying to ASW if their original application is more than one year old, except for those who remain active on a waiting list for a period longer than one year (additional updated documents may be required).

Registration Fee

Grade Level

Fee (USD)





Grades 1 - 12


  • Registration Fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee applied to newly enrolled students due upon admission to the School to confirm your child’s seat. Students re-enrolling in ASW who have previously paid the Registration Fee are not required to pay this fee again.
  • Pre-Kindergarten students are not assessed the Registration Fee. Students continuing into or entering Kindergarten will pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of $1,000.
  • Kindergarten students currently enrolled and continuing into first grade will pay the non-refundable Registration Fee for Grades 1-12, less $1,000.


Newly enrolled Pre-K students must pay a non-refundable seat deposit of PLN 4,000, due as specified on the invoice. Payment of this fee will confirm your child’s enrollment to ASW. If payment is not received by the indicated due date on the invoice, the seat will be made available to other applicants. The seat deposit will be credited toward tuition.

Learning Support

Parents may be assessed other charges for specific purposes and with the parent’s prior informed consent. Students requiring more intensive learning support in the form of an assigned teaching aide will be assessed a fee associated with the overall costs of hiring and providing this level of individual assistance.

Students being supported receive an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and their overall progress is monitored against the goals of that plan, including all appropriate accommodations for and accomplishment of grade level curricular goals.

The following are the current fees associated with Special Educational Needs (SEN) including assessments and intensive learning support:

  • Learning Support (LS) Assessment PLN 1,750
  • Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) Assessment PLN 1,750
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) Assessment PLN 1,750
  • Learning Support 1:1 aid PLN 87,000


Initial inclusion in the EAL (English as an Additional Language) program is a requirement of enrollment for all new students who qualify for services as determined by the Language Programme Policy and Procedures. EAL fees are invoiced separately.

Grade Level

New EAL Students One-Time Fee on Entry

Returning EAL Students Semester Fee

Grades 1 - 5

PLN 17,500


Grades 6 - 12

PLN 17,500

PLN 7,000

Kindergarten students currently enrolled and continuing into first grade are not assessed an EAL Fee.

Other Fees

  • Other fees for examinations (e.g. - AP, IB, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, etc.), graduation fees, yearbooks, PE uniforms, advanced calculators, or the cost of transportation for athletic or activity trips may also be incurred and are invoiced on an as needed basis.
  • Late payment fees – PLN 700 per invoice for each late payment,
  • Administration fees – PLN 700 for Special Payment Plan.
Lost or Damaged School Property: Students are billed at full replacement cost for lost and/or damaged books, materials, equipment and facilities, but is refundable if the lost item is found and returned in good condition.


Payments for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted in the currencies quoted. All payers will remit payment in both currencies (PLN & USD), for fees as specified. Information regarding the school’s bank accounts is included on the invoice for your convenience.

Important: Please include the student’s name or invoice number on the transfer.

PLN transfers or payments made directly to Raiffeisen Bank will be credited the same day to the ASW account. USD payments will require at least two business days before credit is applied.

Please contact the Business office for additional bank transfer information: or (+48)-22-702 85 96

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the payer is responsible to cover all transfer and exchange costs incurred when making payments, to ensure that the amount paid on account is the full amount due. Polish banking laws require our local bank to ask for your passport if you are paying school fees in cash at the bank.

Students who enroll after the start of a semester

  • Students who enroll at any time during a semester will be invoiced the full tuition for that semester.
  • Students may enroll and attend classes within the last 15 school days of the semester prior to their semester of primary enrollment and will be charged a pro-rata daily tuition rate.

Students who depart before the end of a semester

  • Should a student withdraw after 15 school days of the semester, there will be no refund for that semester.
  • Students who leave the school within the first 15 school days of a semester that follows the last full semester of attendance will be charged a pro-rata daily tuition rate.
  • Refunds of tuition will be given for any full semester in which the student did not attend.

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