Open House

Thank you for your interest in our school. We are pleased to invite you to visit ASW and meet the community.

Open House is a biannual event, taking place in fall and spring. Families arrive in the morning and enjoy refreshments. The School Director and Admissions Director then welcome guests, introduce members of the community and share key information about our school. After the presentation, there is time for questions so we can make sure that every topic is covered.

We then invite guests to take a tour of the school. The tour is run by the School Principals and current ASW parents, and lets our families visit different areas of the school, learn about the facilities, observe classes and teaching practices. It is also a unique opportunity to talk with ASW teachers, current students, and parents who are always happy to share their experiences.

Throughout the Open House, the Admissions Team is on hand to answer questions, walk through the application process and help you connect with other ASW community members.

Attending the Open House is definitely the best way to get to know our school!


The next Open House will take place in the fall 2018. Please keep checking our site for information or send an enquiry to our admissions team.