Grade Placement

As you are aware students enrolled at ASW come from many different countries and school systems, and families often ask what grade their child will be eligible for at ASW.

Candidates for Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 1 will be placed strictly by age. Placement in Grades 2-12 is determined by evaluating the student’s age, development, and previous school experience. The final decision will be made by the School Principal after review and evaluation of the child’s application.

It is important that students have completed a full grade level (American system equivalent) before advancing to the next grade level. If a student has not completed a grade level when enrolling at ASW, he/she will be placed in the same grade level to ensure completion of that grade level.

Any student’s course of study must be completed before he/she reaches his/her 21st birthday.

Enrollment Age Chart 2020-2021