Your journey at ASW begins here


Our goal in Admissions is to ensure that every students has the very best start at ASW. We achieve this by supporting families at every stage of the application process.


The first stage of this process is to get to know our school. Please download our brochure, browse our web pages, and when you are ready, send us an inquiry or arrange a visit to our campus. Before applying, please read the 'How to apply' section below.

What our students say

Daniel, Grade 9

"I love that ASW has a wide range of after-school activities for anyone who wants to play sports ranging from Tennis to Softball."

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Edyta, Grade 9

"It is amazing how the school connects sport to traveling and gaining knowledge and giving us opportunities to meet new people from different countries."

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Sophia, Grade 10

"The minute I walk into the big ASW doors and see my welcoming friends greet me in the morning, I know the day will be wonderful." 

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Guillermo, Grade 8 

"The most important thing that I have learned at ASW is to be 'internationally friendly' and respect everyone's beliefs no matter where they are from."

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Jason, Grade 8

"The opportunities for traveling give you the drive to get your work done so that you can have fun with your friends on trips."

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Alexandra, Grade 8

"Regardless of whether it be an extracurricular activity or an academic project, I have learned to take the jump and just trust that I will land."

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Julia, Grade 8

"I really appreciate that the teachers care about the student’s learning and well-being because it creates a really positive and successful learning environment." 

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