Our Values

We might be the American School of Warsaw, but the world is on our doorstep. When students learn about the history of Poland from Lech Wałęsa himself, the experience sticks with them forever. We don't just do math; we learn to think like mathematicians, and put to work what we know to understand the world around us. We don't just learn about theatre; we put on the whole show. We plan learning that students put into action in the world beyond school, and we form connections to the world outside the school gates, outside Warsaw, beyond Poland. We don't just memorize to learn; our learning makes memories.

In our community, you take what you're learning and put it into action. No-one ever says, "So what" about what they're learning. You don't have to save the world in one step, but every student and adult in our school thinks about how to make a dent in the universe with what they know. Our ninth graders put their math to work to really get to grips with local air pollution, and set up a scheme to convert thousands of their peers' water bottles into trees each year. Our pre-kindergarteners explore nature so that they grow up to respect it while grade two students attempt to turn every ounce of waste into com post for their school garden. You don't have to save the world either: when our eleventh graders got passionate about math, they set up their own investment club.

If you do work that matters and challenge yourself to learn something new, then things don't always go your way. If you work with others, things don't always go your way. When you're learning how to work in a team - and ma king mistakes in the process - things don't always go your way. It takes a large dose of trust in everyone around us if we're going to speak up for what we believe to be the right way forward, and a thick skin when feedback kills our idea. In all of this, the key is knowing how to bounce back when things don't go our way, and learn from others' ideas and feedback.

We can't do the big stuff that really matters unless we do it together. We share what we know, our ideas, and our opinions with each other to achieve more together than we could do alone. Working and learning shoulder-to-shoulder, every day, helps people continue to develop deep connections and trust.

Of course, our students are going to do their best at school work, whatever their age. But school is much more than just "good grades". Our students, staff and parents always make an effort to grow beyond what any exam asks for. School work can't take up every waking hour. At American School of Warsaw, everyone takes the time to discover new passions and indulge existing ones. We take risks to learn new things, and even when at first it's a struggle, we persevere. Our students and staff are never 'done' with their learning: they seek out further challenge when they need it, and encourage others to do the same with their support. Doing well in exams is just the beginning, and certainly not the end.

Our Mission

We believe there are many paths to learning. To unlock our students' potential, we provide a wide range of experiences: we engage them in our rigorous academic curriculum, visual and performing arts programs, athletics, and service learning. We foster a passion for ideas, creativity and curiosity.

We create a culture of learning that supports students with a diverse set of abilities and interests. We challenge students to find their own voices, encourage them to ask questions, and inspire them to think for themselves.

We offer students and their families a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment, one that is balanced between our host country Poland and the international community. We treat all students with respect, and we instill in them respect for others. Our students form friendships that remain lifelong connections.