280 Delegates Attend ZYGMUN Conference
The school director opens ZYGMUN 2021 at the opening ceremony.

ZYGMUN continued this year with the 4th annual edition of the Zygmunt Model United Nations Conference. After last year's virtual success, the conference continued with an unprecedented 280 delegates and student officers from 17 nations across the globe. The conference set out to discuss United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16: Conference Theme: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies, through different interpretations in various committees.

From the situation in Somalia in the Security Council, to Mitigating political instability by combating the narcotics trade in the Political committee, over three days, delegates debated two topics of pressing importance to the theme, and came up with resolutions aimed at solving their respective issues.

Through an online platform specifically made for ZYGMUN, these delegates were led by some of our own MUN club members in their committees, and the conference was headed by our very own Secretariat.  

Post written by Ian W

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