Virtual UN Day
UN Day 2020

Click the image to see a video animation of the flag processional

This year's traditional UN Day celebration, when ASW celebrates its many nationalities, took on a different form, due to COVID-related restrictions.

UN Day kicked off with a presentation from the School Director and virtual performances from school choirs and dancers, before Seniors, who belong to the same cohort, then paraded with the flags of our school's nations through the gym. All of this was broadcast live to students sitting in their classrooms, and to families at home.

This year the PTO had to figure out a way for us to celebrate without coming together physically. Instead of the traditional country tables lining our main gym, the PTO invited families to submit a 'country expedition' video, showcasing the most interesting aspects of that family's home nation. Elementary students could then 'visit' these virtual country tables in order to get a stamp in their virtual passports.

Families were also invited to submit a video in their mother tongue saying a set phrase - 'Unity, Peace, Kindness, Compassion, Hope' - which was then edited with other clips. This resulting in the phrase being articulated in 35 languages.

Our thanks go to our amazing PTO who, despite the challenges this year brings, continue to provide amazing possibilities for us to celebrate as a community.  Thanks also to the families who worked hard producing a 'virtual expedition' video for our students to learn about the amazing diversity of our world.