Technology Team Takes ASW Learning Online

ASW's Technology Director David Neudorf shares his teams experience of making virtual learning a reality for our teachers and students.

ASW Technology Department

The Technology Department has worked hard to support staff working on campus and those who work off campus to ensure we can continue our high level of business operations. A small team continues to work on site while the majority works from home supporting students, teachers and parents.

From the outset, we were prepared and had planning in place. We focused our March 2nd Professional Development day on preparing our teachers for a possible closure and we had even scheduled a day to test the virtual learning environment. In the end, this 'test day' actually became our first day of real virtual learning!

Having a one-to-one laptop program, and other technology widely available, ASW already had effective, extensively used learning platforms and digital collaboration tools in place before the transition to virtual learning. Our teachers, students and parents were accustomed to Seesaw, Google Classroom and PowerSchool. As synchronous classroom needs arose, we focused on supporting less frequently used tools like Google Meets and the Zoom live video conferencing platform, and other sharing and collaboration platforms like Flipgrid.

We were able to build on our Virtual Learning Guides as the situation changed and designed web-based resources for faculty, parents and students to support remote instruction and student learning.