Preparing for a Safe Return to School
a student prepares to be tested for Covid-19

ASW will open its doors again to students for the 2020-2021 school year on August 18, with new health protocols and infrastructure in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe.

Testing and Isolation

Regular testing for COVID-19 will be required for all staff and students and will be provided by the school at the outset. Parents will not be allowed into the school in the beginning, but will be able to join the testing program for access at a later date. Parent access to pick-up and drop-off areas will continue as normal.  

In addition, the school will be organized along three cohorts - ES, MS, and HS - who will be more isolated from one another via separate entrances and internal pathways that reduce interaction. The main entrance will be reserved for administration and non-staff adults only. This methodology will form the basis of our ability to respond quickly to any potential infection and effectively contact trace, while reducing the need for more intensive social distancing measures. 

Hygiene Practices 

Hand-washing will take place before entering and exiting all spaces, and in classrooms students will receive instruction on hygiene practices. Automatic, touchless hand washing stations will be available throughout the school.  All water fountains have been replaced with touchless bottle filling and students should be prepared to have a personal water bottle with them at school. Teachers or advisors will help provide further guidance on this.

Safe Campus = Safe Community

Staff and students will enter using their ID badges (bracelets for younger children). The school will use an application to monitor student status and parents will use this app to assess health at home and record it before sending students to school each day. This app will also provide secure access to student testing results and will notify parents if there are any concerns. Upon entering the building, thermal cameras will check temperatures, while automatic sanitizer dispensers and special mats will disinfect hands and shoes. In classrooms, increased use of open windows will help prevent viruses from spreadings through the air. 

More detailed plans can be found in school-wide communications.