HR Preparing for New School Year

ASW Human Resources through the lens of pandemic-related challenges...

HR Director Marzena Kalbarczyk comments on her team's response to the new reality:

"HR never sleeps and we are keeping the office open on a rotational basis, especially at times when our community needs us!

We take pride in being a rapid response team, making all necessary adjustments in line with official announcements, legal changes or updates to keep us all protected and safe.

We are keeping our eyes fixed on daily activities, but undertake long-term projects including: contracts for the new school year, recruitment and orientation for new hires, and developing our wellness programme.

We are in the process of organising an orientation schedule for the new teachers who will join us in August, as well as helping those who are leaving our community this year. We are developing an arrival plan, inductions sessions, social events and individual time for setting up the calendar."