Going on a Virtual Field Trip

What does a virtual field trip look like? Grade 1 found out! 

Virtual Field Trip 1

Early in the morning, as if they were going on a real trip, students in grade 1 logged on to a special Zoom session. Their teachers told them they would be going on a trip to the zoo! The students were shortly joined by animal expert Jeremy Barlow/Zoo Nerd, who dialled in all the way from Los Angeles, where he works in the aquarium. The purpose of the 'trip' was to learn more about animals and go deeper into their unit of inquiry, which is ‘Sharing the Planet’.

Jeremy led the group through a presentation showing different examples of animals that have adapted to their environments, which related to the student's line of inquiry ‘how living things respond to changing environments’. Students saw images of animals and learned things like the elephant’s ears and trunk help it to stay cool, the giraffe's tongue is black to stop it getting sun burnt, and some bird species (pigeons and certain birds of prey) have adapted their nests from living in cliffs to living in tall buildings in cities.

Virtual Field Trip 2

At the end of the session, Jeremy answered questions from students such as ‘do you have any rare animals in the zoo?’ and ‘how long do monkeys live?’.

The session finished off with the teachers inviting the students to a movement break and the viewing of an interactive dance video called ‘Pop Si Co’, stressing the importance of movement after 30 minutes of the screen time.

The kids had lots of fun and departed the session refreshed and happy.