ES Kids Enjoy New Messy Kitchen
ASW's Messy Kitchen

Elementary School students have been enjoying the latest addition to the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) space: a 'messy kitchen' created by Design Center students and staff.

OPAL started with the original messy kitchen, which was composed of used garden tables and cooking utensils donated by the ASW community. The updated kitchen, which is the result of extensive research, student collaboration and learning, features a spinning serving table, a messy sink, and more storage for pots and pans. It will live outside and be utilized all year round. 

In a short video produced for 'back to school' night in the Elementary School, design students in middle and high school reflect on the process of creating the messy kitchen: "the first thing we actually did was go down to the what used to be the messy kitchen outside... we took some measurements, looked at some key features of what makes this messy kitchen so interactive, so fun, and that's when I really got started working on designing the new kitchen" says high schooler David. Liam and Jeremy explain how they learned how to measure, cut and repair effectively, and how they even learned how to use some power tools - "That was pretty cool!" says Jeremy.

In his commentary, Mr. Campbell, head of Design, says "I was really happy to have some help with this. I had students going around measuring fourth and fifth graders, making sure to put the messy kitchen countertops at the right height. I kids researching cool ideas to make the messy kitchen more fun, and I had a lot of help cutting and screwing the pieces of wood together."

The messy kitchen is open and lunch is served!


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