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Design Center Helps Protect Hospital Staff

The ASW Design Center is joining the global ‘maker’ movement to help local hospitals that are in need of critical safety equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

ASW 3D-prints face shields

3D Printing 

Utilizing the school Design Center resources of seven 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines and a wide variety of high-tech workshop tools, the school is creating 3D printed face shields, and supporing the community in creating washable face masks, to help keep front-line medical workers safe. In addition, we are prototyping Arduino-based pulse oximeters, which are used to determine the severity of coronavirus symptoms. 

Make4Covid, a US-based aid organization that connects design professionals and maker enthusiasts with hospitals in dire need of safety equipment, served as a model and guided our work with verified designs that are approved by US hospitals. The University of Warsaw is helping us connect with local hospitals in Poland and prioritize distribution. 

3D-printed face shields in the ASW Design Center

Our initial goal was to make 100 face shields for the medical community. By streamlining the 3D printing process and moving to near round-the-clock printing, we will produce our goal in just the first week. We now aim to get 1000 units to the medical professionals on the front line.  

Adam Campbell, head of ASW Design, said: "In our design courses at the American School, we strive to solve authentic problems. There is perhaps no better challenge than to respond to this crisis. In a time of social isolation and relative helplessness to counter this global pandemic, it feels really good to use our community resources to benefit those who are working hard to keep Poland safe.

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