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Community Makers Produce Face Masks

ASW moms have joined the fight against COVID-19, and inspired others to do the same!

ASW community-made face masks

In solidarity with medical staff working on the front line against the coronavirus pandemic, a group of ASW moms have started sewing the much needed face masks to be donated to local hospitals. 

The first batch of 200 masks were delivered to Banacha Hospital this week. The delivery was organised by the ASW Service Learning Coordinator Ligita Stawarz through the organisation 'Wsparcie dla Szpitali' (Support for Hospitals).

Now, the moms are working on making more masks, and have inspired others to join the efforts. Parents and students from around the school are set to start making masks with the help of a prototype and tutorial created by 10th grader Florence M, along with sewing machines and materials provided by the ASW Design Center.

Applauding the effort, school director Jon Zurfluh wrote that "this is another example of how our parents, students, and staff are giving back to the community in small but important ways, demonstrating our commitment to the Warrior Way!"


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