ASW Praised For COVID Response

ASW has received praise from the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) for its COVID-19 protection plan.

In a letter to over 290 school leaders around the world, AAIE Executive Director Mark E. Ulfers described witnessing "an extraordinary reflection on the power of a critical partnership" between ASW Director Jon Zurfluh and Dr. Jarek Oleszczuk (EpiXpert) during an online meeting entitled CONVERSATIONS.

He then asks readers to consider that, while ASW has experienced a number of Covid-19 infections, teaching and learning continues with 97% of students attending. Mr. Ulfers suggests that "community confidence is high", and, while cases are on the rise in Poland, "school families report peace of mind with ASW's attestation and rapid testing protocol. Students meet with their teachers each day. A modified sports program is in play. It's an inspiring story of creativity, following science and leadership."  

Admitting that he does not usually pitch editorials to members, Mr. Ulfers encourages users to watch the recording in question by stating that "today, we were witness to a memorable moment of excellence. International school leadership is alive and well."