ASW Goes Virtual!

Like most schools in Europe, ASW closed its doors on Monday 16th March under a government directive to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, the closure of school did not mean the end of lessons. Teachers, students and parents have stepped forward to take our school online! 

At the end of our first week of virtual school, attendance has been high - above 92% every day - and our IT team has worked tirelessly to keep our lesson delivery systems stable and optimal. 

Our School Director Mr. Zurfluh reported recently on his blog: “There seems to be a positive vibe in the air over Virtual School and the great things that are happening.”

School Vice-Principal Laura Berntson was happy with the first day of online learning: 

In these lonely days of social distancing, ASW parents have also been supporting each other virtually via a private ASW Parents group. Recipes and exercise classes have been offered, as well as up-to-date security and travel information. PTO Board Member Maria Daifoti shared her recipe for soda bread: 

Students have also reached out to support each other. One student, John in Grade 11, even volunteered his free time to help elementary students improve their math skills.

It was great to see our parents' feedback to our IG post:

And on Friday, our teacher Mr. Hurley wanted to deliver an uplifting message to students and families who might be suffering from 'virtual fatigue': 


Here are a few photos from our first week of virtual learning:

Virtual learning in action at ASW!

We look forward to week 2 of #VirtualLearningASW!