A PreK Conversation About Nature

At this time, all classes are taking place online - including with our youngest students. Pre-K students have started a new unit - Sharing the Planet - and in Mrs. Stutz's Zoom class they shared some very insightful ideas...

Prek4 Zoom

Here is a annotated recording of the conversation that took place between the teachers and students in the class:

Ms. Stutz - Friends, I asked you to think about nature and what nature means to you. What do you think when you hear the word nature? I invited you to create a drawing that shares your thinking. I hope you are ready to show the class the picture you drew and can tell us about it. Who wants to go first? Oh! Lucie put her hand up in the sky! What have you got there Lucie?

Lucie puts up her picture of a flower to the camera.

Ms. Stutz - Oh, wow! Tell us about what you drew. 

Lucie explains she drew a blue flower and also has seeds growing in her garden.

Ms. Stutz - Nature means a flower and seeds. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about flowers and seeds, Lucie. Wincent, would you like to go next?

Wincent shows and explains his picture about mountains, the sea, green grass, trees, and people. His mom helps out, pointing at different elements of the picture while Wincent explains them. 

Ms. Stutz - People! You think about people when you think about nature. That's very different from what Lucie drew, but all things you know are about nature. Thanks for sharing, Wincent. Who is next? Ines, your hand is up. Show us your picture and explain your thinking.

prek4 zoom

Ines shows her picture of a yellow bird with eggs, a green duck, the sun, clouds, herself, and a flower. With mom’s support, she outlines her drawing and why they make her think of nature. 

Ms. Stutz - You drew a lot of different things, Ines - including yourself!! I am so glad you think you are part of nature! Some things in your drawing are like Wincent's picture, and you had a flower like Lucie. It just shows us how many similar ideas you all have in your brains. And yet so different, too. Amazing. Nora, what did you draw? Ready to share? 

Nora holds up a picture and explains her drawing of horses (purple!) and a tree.

Ms. Stutz - I love that you drew horses because yesterday, on our Flipgrid, you said unicorns are your favorite animal - and both unicorns and horses are living things. Ines had a duck, too! I am so glad you think that living things are connected to nature. What about you, Harper?

Harper explains she doesn’t have a picture, but can use her words. When she thinks of nature, she thinks of trees, flowers, and a pool. Then, she states that her screen is ‘freezed’.

Ms. Stutz - Okay honey, maybe the Internet is a little unstable because there are a lot of people here with us on Zoom and sometimes that happens. Let’s give it a minute. Jing Jing, what did you draw?

Jing Jing shares his picture of a rainbow and other things he brought to share: an apple, an egg, and a cup of yogurt.

Ms. Stutz - Wow - a rainbow! You have a lot of the same thinking about what nature is as your friends. I am very curious to hear more about why yoghurt is part of nature. Friends, we have been on the screen for twenty minutes now and that’s enough time for our young brains and eyes. I’ve been busy writing - I’ve got more than three pages of your thinking about nature and what nature means to you. This is really important as we start new learning. Thank you! Time to say bye-bye.

Everyone - Bye-bye!