Our 8th grade team are CEESA Robotics champions!

Our 8th grade team are CEESA Robotics champions!

Every year ASW students participate in the FLL CEESA Robotics tournament. In order to compete, the participants are required to build a robot and then program it using their computers. The robots have to perform different missions, involving picking things up and moving them from one spot to the other. 

The tricky part is that the robots are not remotely controlled, but they need to be pre-programmed to perform the given tasks. The students have to type in the commands on the computer, then upload it to the “brain” inside of their robot, and only then run the script. There's engineering, coding, trial-and-error learning and, most importantly, lots of fun involved.

There were 20 contenders for the CEESA Robotics champion title. They came from nine different schools across the CEESA region: from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland. Each team had to play 8 matches, 2.5 minutes long each. Points were awarded for every mission that had been completed successfully. Top four teams advanced to the final.

We are proud to say that ASW teams did amazingly well! The two 6th grade teams placed 14th and 15th - a great result, especially considering it was their first robotics competition. Our 8th grade team performed brilliantly, reaching the finals and beating the #1 seed in a close final to become CEESA Champions!

Congratulations Warriors!