First-Ever MYP Personal Projects Begin

First-Ever MYP Personal Projects Begin

Wouldn't it be nice to dedicate a year to a project that you have always wanted to do or you never knew you wanted to do?

Well, this year's 10th graders, the first ASW grade to do the MYP Personal Project, have the chance to do exactly that.

"Catching Fire" project ideas near the cafeteria.

The personal project is a year-long project during which the students create either some sort of a product or outcome based around their own personal interests or hobbies or something which they would like to learn more about. This product or outcome is then presented at an exhibition around March.

According to Personal Project Coordinator Ms. Deo, the project is important for students to accomplish for two reasons. The first is the personal aspect, which is getting to discover and learn more about something in which a student is interested in. The second is that it prepares students for the next stages in their academic and social lives, giving students a chance to learn how to manage and plan ahead of time many months in advance as well as researching and creating a longer written piece.

To prepare the 10th grade students to begin the project, the students had a mini trip, the Catching Fire experience, during which they got to stay overnight at school. Students either slept in tents on the field or on mats in the Annex Gym. During this two day experience students went through workshops with Ms. Deo and got time to work on the project.

According to Marcelina C. (10), some worries which have risen in this year's 10th grades about the project are that it is a lot to do and time management.

Ms Deo's tips for the class are to plan your time and be "organized, organized, and more organized", to use the resources which you have available, and of course choose a topic in which you are interested, because no one wants to work on something for a year and hate the topic at the end of that time, do they now?

This article was originally published on Warrior News, ASW's student newspaper.