140 Litres of Soup from ASW’s Gardens' Veggies

140 Litres of Soup from ASW’s Gardens' Veggies


While the weather got colder, the Upper School Garden Guardians Club students moved indoors. For seven consecutive weekly meetings, the young gardeners turned to crops processing, or in other words, cooking. So far, they've prepared some 140 litres of pumpkin soup. The first 100 litres were cooked before Christmas. 

All of the ingredients, except salt, were harvested in the ASW gardens! The soup was delivered to a variety of beneficiaries. For example, the first 30 pasteurized jars went to the refugees and the activists who helped them at the Polish-Belarusian border. Another 40 liters were delivered to a group of Warsaw's contemporary poets, who are connected to the Wspolny pokój Foundation. Forty jars were delivered to seniors who live in difficult conditions and are aided by Association for Legal Intervention and Elderly in Corona Foundation.

Each time the ingredients were a bit different, but here is a rough recipe for you to try: 

Ingredients for 20 liters of soup:

Hokkaido and Cinderella pumpkins - 7-8 kilograms

Dozen of white and blue potatoes

2-3 onions

5 carrots, 

Two cups of pumpkin seeds

1-2 Japanese quince

Lovage, oregano, parsley, gallant soldier, marjoram, thyme, lavender, sorel, and salt for taste. 




Bake as many pumpkins as to fill ⅔ of the pot that you are going to cook your soup in

Add 2-3 onions 

Add a dozen of medium-sized potatoes 

Cover all the ingredients with water and add three tablespoons of salt 

Cut in small pieces one or two Japanese quinces and add it to the soup 

Let it boil for 20 minutes 

Add herbs and carrots, including the leaves

Clean 100 pumpkin seeds from shells and crush them. Add the mix to the soup as well.