PYPx Goes Virtual

PYPx Goes Virtual

The PYP Exhibition - an 'adventure of learning' - has taken place online this year.

a memory blanket made by a 5th grader for PYP X

This year, students in grade 5 have exhibited their extended projects through a special dedicate website. ASW parents and staff could enter this website to view projects and leave sought-after feedback. The PYP exhibition is the culmination of the PYP programme.

There was an incredible diversity of projects on display including surgical masks donated to health workers, a guidebook for protecting the environment and a memory blanket 'upcycled' from old t-shirts (pictured).

Director of School Mr. Zurfluh commented "the students have all worked hard on their projects and we can't thank parents enough for their mentorship and guidance at home that amplifies the virtual work of teachers and students emanating from their collaborative sessions together over an extended period of time. This is a critical waypoint for kids as they progress into the MYP Programme in the Middle School and we couldn't be more proud."